Final Thoughts

Well, from the New World to the Old World and back again. It has been a long trip but one that I would do again at the drop of a hat. I learned so much and I feel that I have grown somewhat. Before leaving, England was real in that I could imagine that it existed and what it looked like but until you are actually there do you realize that this is indeed a whole new (old) world. There are people living there, in a very different environment then here. This point was driven home in Paris with the different language and very different culture.

I suppose in the back of my mind, even, to a certain extent, before I left I was thinking as to whether I would consider moving there, even, as I pointed out to mother last night, for a few months on a work Visa. I don't know about this, it is certainly different but perhaps that is the appeal? They have demands for people of my talents, I could really work anywhere I want as my skills are very transportable, besides, my resume and even my current line of work points out that I can quickly adapt. As to the difficulty of this type of move, I don't think that is really important, I want to be happy and content which seems to be really lacking where I currently am. The pressures are unreal, I think that, most of all, I have learned in my holiday that there is a time for work and a time for play, never the twain shall meet. I seem to be lacking that balance, and this is NOT simply a matter of selfishness, this is matter of self-preservation and helps you to work more effectively and be more effective as a human being.

I will never forget Scotland, with its rolling hills, wonderful “lochs”, beautiful towns, twisty roads, Wales, with its wonderful shorelines, beautiful forests, nice people, interesting places to visit, France, with its numerous bistros, wonderful history, ornate buildings, million or so dogs and finally London, which seems to hold special meaning for me. It seems that London compares to me much the way that Toronto does, certainly not in size or culture but rather in that large city feel, though London seems to have a soul. Perhaps that soul is based in the many years of history behind the city, perhaps all of those old buildings and monuments help to maintain that personable feel to the city. Toronto and other cities I have seen in Canada and even the U.S. seem to lack that soul, and seem to be only shadows of what I have seen in London. But, perhaps that is just me.

Yes, I will go back. When? I don't know. I suggested to my grandmother that I may go back next year, but I don't know. I desperately want to go back to see what I missed. Largely this trip was one of exploration and not the “mapping” that such a place deserves. I need to go back and I will. North America seems to have lost it's intrigue for me. Maybe I should look around here a bit more and then decide, I don't know.

Will I move there? I don't know. We shall see…