Glasgow - Monday, August 28, 1995

Yep. I am still in Glasgow, I was going to leave but they were showing the coverage that a British television station did for the convention starting at about 6:30 pm so I figured that it would be ok to stay for a bit longer. I will be able to get an early start tomorrow, I am hoping to make it to Liverpool tomorrow (or perhaps past it…we will see).

The day was quite slow at the convention, I saw an interesting speaker talking about the possibility that there is NO “Grand Unification Theory” but a completely different method of organizing the way things work and how every- thing is interconnected. I did not really catch a lot of the details as this discussion was a review of his material so I will get the book sent to me when I get back to Canada. He was a very interesting person.

I picked up a signed first edition hardcover of a book not even released yet (it is due to be released in two weeks) for a friend of mine from Blue Sky. He will be VERY happy as he is an avid fan of this particular author (and series).

I actually had time to deal with most of my electronic mail while waiting for the aforementioned video to start so I am quite pleased. I sent off a bunch of messages even though the link they had was shared between three computers (normally, the modem they used would be suitable for only one computer). Actually, I closed the place, as the room was supposed to be closed for take- down at 4:00 and I got up from the computer at 4:30. The operators were not impressed, but they let me finish up anyway. This was something that was sort of nagging the back of my mind. Yes, I am having a good time but I still must always keep in mind that there are other things happening back home that I can help with (though to a MUCH lesser extent then before).

I was concerned that Karin would not pick up my plane ticket before she travels to Toronto (I don't know if I mentioned that – I bought her a ticket to visit Toronto while I am away as sort of a good-will gesture for her taking care of my house while I am in Prince Albert) so that I can get back to Prince Albert (not something I am looking forward to but something I have to think about or else work might get…upset) the day after I get back. It was VERY odd to be talking to her from the Convention Center. It really is a whole new world. I kind of like it.

Anyway, I spent some time tonight working on my plans for the next few days (yeah, yeah, so I lied in yesterday's little write-up…so SUE me…it's MY holiday NOT yours!) and I have decided that after Liverpool (actually, I hope to make it to Portmerion the site of the Prisoner television series – VERY interesting place, neat pictures I am hoping!) I will proceed south to Oxford and then Stonehenge and then, finally, London itself. I hope to book my accommodation in London tomorrow so I am guaranteed a room. It will be an interesting trip. Tomorrow, I am hoping to travel along the western coast of Scotland as I move southward, really nice scenery and lots of castles…

I am back at the residence tonight, though I got a better room at the front, quite a view, should get pictures out the window tomorrow morning, I AM six floors up from the street, lots of really neat older places here.

Actually, Glasgow is very old (but I know, not really in comparison to other places) and it is very different for me to see it. Seeing slate roofs, row houses exactly as they appear on television and described in books is quite interesting, not entirely expected I think. The cathedral downtown is really interesting, evidently dating back a LONG way (before any other building here).

I have decided to forego Edinburgh this trip, it is an incentive to come back and something to look forward to. I do hope I come back to this area and the northern regions again with more time to explore. It would also be nice to travel with someone but until my fortune turns to the good, I will have to do this alone.

Better get to bed, early day tomorrow and I want to travel a fair amount…

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