Glasgow - Saturday, August 26, 1995

The convention was quite interesting today, I finally received the book I wanted but I have still not met one of the people I wanted to today. I hold no hope (in all honesty).

I did, however, attend a panel discussion with one of my favourite authors so, hopefully I will be able to snag his autograph tomorrow at his autograph session.

As per the other days I have been here, I attended mainly science talks today, with a few notable exceptions (a few having to do with movies and the like).

One of the lectures had to do with the cost of information in the “Information Age” as in, will there be an “Information Underclass” who does not have the ability to access the new information available to all others. This is an interesting discussion as we at Blue Sky (I cannot say “FreeNet”, though I keep wanting to, as we were forced to change our name due to copyright issues with the founding organization in the United States, they wanted to SUE us for using the name “FreeNet”! This is VERY odd considering both of us are supposed to be non-profit and should, perhaps, be supporting each other) DO seek to bring this new information to all members of the public with the use of public access computers and the like. It was the opinion of the panel (believe me, I did make my feelings known) that there would still be those who would not have access at all times, perhaps they are being to altruistic about this and they may wish to be a bit more practical. I feel that our approach is the most appropriate in that we seek to represent the community that we serve and wish to provide such access to ALL (yes, we fall short, but then so will ANY endeavour unless money falls from the sky). It was an interesting talk and focused on such things as “debit cards”, that is, those cards that can be used instead of cash which directly effect your bank balance (we, of course, have this in Canada to a certain extent with the “Direct Payment” scheme).

I was disappointed to learn today that the Edinburgh Tattoo was finishing today and even MORE disappointed to learn that they were sold out. Mother wanted me to go but I was told (by others) that it would be on for another week. I should have checked sooner but as I was under the wrong impression… I feel guilty but there is nothing I can do. I should think as to whether I will get to Edinburgh or not, Monday is pretty much up in the air, in looks like I will be at the convention until at least 3:00 pm so it might not be worth it to go to Liverpool that night as it is about 4 hours away and by the time I get there I don't know if I will be able to get into a Bed and Breakfast. I will have to think about it a bit more.

After the long day of talks (until 7:00 pm as normal), I watched Star Wars for the 20th or so time and as I was doing so I was debating going to any of the parties they have going on during the convention. I feel guilty that I did not go in that I did not take in the “full” experience of the convention but then, I thought to myself, I dislike going to parties by myself and if it makes me feel uncomfortable and not enjoyable as it should be, why go? Perhaps I should take the leap but I would MUCH rather go with someone to these things so I came back here, to the residence, and relaxed instead (ok, ok, I was in the mood so I did a bit of computer programming NOT work OR Blue Sky related I might add, just a bit of fun…).

Well, I have not been talking about it, but ever since I got to Glasgow a few days ago it has been raining and generally miserable with the occasional sunny minute or so. Today was no exception and it has even been cooler today. This is good, though, as they need the rain here though not quite as much as they need it in the south were the drought is still on, as far as I know, perhaps I should pick up a Sunday Times to figure out what is going on around the world.

So, tomorrow is the last full day of the convention, should be interesting, though tiring (as normal).

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