Glasgow - Friday, August 25, 1995

Another day at the convention, this time a full day.

After breakfast this morning I saw that a group of people sitting at another table were going to the convention so I invited to give them a ride if they needed it to the convention. One person picked up on my offer, another said they would but did not show up in time (I had to get the car before the parking ban comes into effect at 8:45). My luck, he was from Chicago! It would have been nice to talk to a native, but anyway.

I am thinking that I will drive every day as I get to the convention before it opens and leave quite late at night (about 10:30 tonight). This is WELL after and before the parking restrictions come into effect and this weekend, of course, they do not apply anyway.

I attended a fair number of technical presentations today, most notably a discussion of Quantum Mechanics, which has always interested me. The discussion was intriguing enough that I may pursue a course in it were I ever to return to University though, my sense getting the better of me, the mathematics might be a bit straining on my brain. I have been thinking about going back to University especially after being here for a little while, after all, Glasgow is a University city. Perhaps it is just a fantasy, much like the topic for this convention (well, in more ways then one, but then, not at all – if you follow).

The first discussion I was in dealt with the idea of making aliens more “alien”, which, on the service sounds a bit trite but when you think about it, we really cannot contrive any accurate representation of any type of alien that may exist the whole concept of “alieness” was discussed and it was quite interesting. They were, in particular, discussing how aliens are dealt with in a particular Science Fiction television show and it was quite surprising when a writer for the show burst into the room just about 15 minutes before the talk was over and joined the panel discussion and answered questions. It was quite interesting. This guy has written for (excuse me for getting specific but I think it is interesting to note) Star Trek: The Next Generation, Babylon 5 (on which the talk was focused), and he is producing/creating another show. This is quite impressive when you consider that it is VERY difficult to even be CONSIDERED for writing a script for these shows. He is a very interesting person, and, as is normal at these conventions as I have learned, the discussion went on well after the allotted hour was up (quite often 2-3 hours afterwords), although I was on to the next discussion they scheduled a talk with this guy for later at night so that the audience could talk to him in more detail, I attended that also and the information he had to impart was quite interesting, especially about the origin of some of the aspects of the series he has worked on, the politics, etc.

It was said to hear that one of the authors, one whose works I have read many times, died while he was here tonight. All of the discussions were interrupted with this news and it was a tragedy. I was actually going to attempt to meet with him, if only to get his autograph. Quite a visionary and very talented author from a long time ago.

I attended a show tonight that discussed the life and times of a famous Science Fiction television show producer which was also quite interesting (that also pushed me to 10:30 leaving). They are broadcasting, I am sure, the talk as it was quite good and professional.

I saw a few authors I am familiar with today but none that I would like to get an autograph from but that is for tomorrow as he is signing then. I was going to pick up a newer book, as a bonus, from here in England (hardcover, even better!) by a favourite British author of mine but they had sold out before I got to it so they should hopefully have it in tomorrow for me (I had to reserve myself a copy – it is VERY popular).

Well, tomorrow is probably the biggest day for the whole convention and I will probably be VERY busy running around, I am looking forward to it, though the lack of eight hours sleep many times is a bit rough first thing in the morning. I have been getting up, showering, having breakfast and then going to the convention. I leave the convention later that night, get in, eat, and then go to bed. Quite busy, and I still have not made it to any of the parties where there is LOTS of free food and drink (I don't know if I will go or not, I am always uncomfortable going to parties where the explicit reason for being is to drink, after all, not drinking does damper your popularity in these situations).

Off to bed…

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