Rye Castle (Ypres Tower)

Rye is an medieval walled city on top of a small hill located a short distance from the coast midway between Hastings and Folkstone. The old walled part of the city has cobbled streets lined with small, local shops (mostly art galleries, cafes and ice cream shops) and residences. Well worth a wonder around, the town can be crowded with tourists and with limited dining options finding somewhere to eat might be problematic.

Mermaid Street

The 14th century Rye castle (“Ypres”) tower has public toilets and a small museum providing access to the tower itself. The The Ypres Castle Inn (pub) is around the base of the tower and provides great views out to the coast.

View of the Coast from Ypres Castle Inn

Parking can be difficult but there are several car parks around the outside of the city walls. The lot near the train station is the largest and cheapest but, of course, can get quite busy.