On the Pier

Brighton has long been the Riviera of England on the south coast. In the past Brighton was a high-class destination but is now a shadow of it's former self though a good day out can be had for many here. The Palace Pier is still the main attraction of the city, a pier stretching quite a distance over the ocean crammed with video games, fast food outlets and, at the far end, amusement rides. Access to the pier is free (as is the use of their deck chairs).

Brighton - The Palace Pier

Along the coast, in the summer, there are also a large number of other similar attractions and it is not unusual to find various buskers and other entrepreneurs. The beach is all stones and the water is quite…cool…but people still do manage to get into the water.

Crowded Beach Area

Be aware that parking can be an issue particularly with the narrow streets in the middle of the city. It does get very busy in the city on holidays and weekends in the summer. The rather hilly central area of the city, with the central train station on the top of the hill, is all easily walkable.

The Lanes

The Lanes

Away from the ocean, there are other attractions including 'The Lanes' which are a series of narrow pedestrian-only (in many cases) streets lined with nicer stores and restaurants (NOT a place to be alone at night, it should be noted).

Royal Pavilion

The rather quirky looking Royal Pavilion is home to various events throughout the year including certain programmes during the Brighton Festival held in early summer which is composed of various cultural events including literary readings, classical music and theatre. It is also now home to a museum which is well worth a visit.

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