Hombori is a small village on the road midway between Douentza and Gao. It is basically composed of two halves: One on either side of the road through the town and the other the old city partway up the side of a local rock formation. It is highly recommended you have a tour from a local child who will take you up to the old city and show you around (payment is by letting them pick something from a local shop or by other, agreed, arrangement).

The Climb Up

The landscape is generally what attracts tourists to the area with mountain climbing some of the best in Mali. Hombori is a great place to go hiking through some of the most spectacular scenery in Mali.

Fatima's Hand

Getting There

It is generally quite difficult to get to Hombori though any transport between Gao and Douentza should be able to drop you there. On market day (Monday) transport is much simpler with buses leaving (and arriving) at regularly intervals.


The accommodation at Auberge Le Tendanko (just off of the main road, look for the signs) is quite good with both huts and rooms available. The toilet and shower block is of new concrete with open roofs (meaning: cool and clean).

Auberge Le Tendanko

There are only a few other options such as the Campement on the main road but this was not seen by the author.

Further Information

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