Mali Journal


Living in The Gambia here in West Africa is a very interesting experience. Life is definitely not like I was used to in Canada and then England. After more than two years I am ready for a bit of a break so I got together with a couple of other volunteers to plan a trip to Mali a rather large country to the east of The Gambia and where you can find the legendary city of Timbuktu. This journal is a record of what happened on this trip and the experiences we shared.

Cast of Characters

Me Me (Stephen Rice)

Chris Playford

Chris Playford

Sue Carr Sue Carr

Anne Mace

Anne Mace

Diana and Ebrima Diana and Ebrima (Joined Us Later)

We are all VSO volunteers working for various organisations in The Gambia. We have all lived here in The Gambia for a few years now so we are largely used to how to get around in this part of Africa. With this reassurance, our trip to Mali as a group certainly seemed a lot less daunting.

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Note: The maps used in this journal are courtesy of The General Libraries, University of Texas at Austen.