The Famous Mud Mosque


Djenné is a small village close to Mopti just off of the road between Mopti and Ségou. The world's largest (and most famous) mud mosque (the Grand Mosque) is located here as well as a very good market every Monday (which also attracts a lot of tourists).

The Monday Market

The streets are narrow and twist every which way giving you the definite impression that this is an old and untouched village. The hassle you may get from the central area of town will convince you that it is not as untouched as you might think.

You can pick up a guide just by walking around the centre of town (they will find you) which may be a good idea if you want to make the most out of your visit.

Getting There

By public transport you need to get off the bus/bush taxi (if it is not going directly to Djenné) at the “carrefour” (junction) for Djenné. Any bus travelling between Mopti and Ségou will be able to drop you at this junction. From this junction you can catch a bâchée into Djenné which leave when they are full.

The trip into Djenné by bâchée takes about 30 minutes though, in the rainy season, you may have to get out to take a small ferry journey (you have to wade out to the ferry then wade off at the other end).



There are now a few more options than (evidently) there were in the past. If you want to stay in the centre of town (and can afford it) then the Campement is definitely recommended (if you don't want to stay there you may want to check out the meals there which are also quite good) if, however, you are willing to walk a bit, the Tampama Djenepo is highly recommended which is about a half kilometer walk down the road to the left of the mosque.

Courtyard of Tampama Djenepo

Getting Out of There

Getting away from Djenné is not as easy as getting there. Be aware that transport may not be available on particular days (leaving on Tuesday morning is a good idea as people are leaving from the market on Monday). It is best to ask around as soon as you arrive to see what your options are (or arrange your onward transport before you arrive).

Further Information

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