Day Twenty Four - Monday, February 18th, 2002 - Independence Day - Kanifing

It was nice to be at my house this weekend because this was a holiday and gave me even more of a chance to get “settled in”. VSO has given us really about six months for this, not expecting that we will get any “real work” done until later.

My morning cold shower was followed by breakfast (the usual bread and fresh fruit) then followed by catching up on some more computer work I had been meaning to do. The celebrations at the Independence stadium which is only a short distance away were quite audible with the sight of the single plane from the military flying overhead multiple times (it looked like a Russian Mig that he was flying).

Glynn and Sue arrived later in the afternoon after their trip to Senegal and were a bit chagrined about the 5 1/2 hour wait for the ferry to take their car back from Barra to Banjul. Other than that, they had a wonderful time. I will have to plan such a visit while I am here.

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