Day Twenty Three - Sunday, February 17th, 2002 - Kanifing

It is Sunday so it was once again rugby day down at Leybato so I was at the beach for much of the day catching up with the other volunteers about their houses and what they were up to.

On the way back from the beach I stopped by the Internet café that is just around the corner to quickly check my e-mail then I stopped by Harry's which is just a bit further along (past THE traffic lights) then made my way home to find that the electricity was out so I was able to test out my rechargable (emergency) lights which worked just fine. The cats enjoyed their meals and I was delighted to have my first phone call which was my grandmother calling to see how I was doing.

Dinner was fried rice with a few things in it (I will have to actually get some meat but I DON'T want to get it from the market – they sell it covered with flies on dubiously clean wood benches in the heat of the sun – I have to have something a bit…safer to eat) from the fridge. Dinner was followed by a brief visit from my landlord who introduced himself (he seems like a very nice person).

The evening was finished off with a bit of reading which I think I will be doing a lot of here though I have only brought a few books with me…I think I will have to take advantage of the somewhat meagre pickings at the VSO office of reading material…other volunteers have, over the years, left various novels behind which fill three walls of shelves at the VSO office in various states of decay.

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