Day Twenty - Thursday, February 14th, 2002 - Fajara - Safari Gardens Hotel

Today was the last day of the employee workshop and it was a shorter day (thankfully). The air conditioner in the meeting room we are using is very loud but it is so hot we need it so the trade off is heat or being able to hear…hum…

We discussed a bit about the paperwork that we would be expected to file for VSO over our placement as well as a bit more about each placement. I was able to talk to Philip a bit more about our co- operation and mutual interests working for the Department of State for Health and Education.

After getting back to the hotel we spent a bit of time at the beach and/or by the side of the pool (life is very rough) before heading out for dinner. I was able to pick up some things for my house from a person from Canada who is leaving in a few days. He was able to give me a wok, and other various essential items for the house (a bit of food as well). He was staying with a friend in a compound just around the corner whose place had it's own guard, air-conditioning, satellite TV, and was HUGE. He was just staying there before he left, evidently his home when he was actually living here was not quite as nice…The stuff piled up nicely in a corner of my room as I gave a few things away to other volunteers who wanted things (Jane took most of the canned food since they have been told that getting things in Bansaang is not that easy).

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