Review of 'Loco Nantwich'

There are not a lot of Mexican restaurants around Cheshire and only the one I know of in Nantwhich: Locos. Found on the wonderful “Welsh Row” of ancient houses it is a bit of a surprise with a modern, fun, interior and quite good food.

Front Seating

Arriving early on a Friday night we were able to get a table for two just walking in the door but judging by the number of phone calls they were taking reservations for any later or during peak times are most definitely recommended. We were seated in a small section of tables at the front windows (tinted so you could not see out…or see in). The tables all have nice looking tile inserts that really make it feel a bit more sunny and Mexican…

The large single-sided eating menu is divided into “Appetizers & Snacks” (chicken wings, loaded “loco” nachos, quesadillas and other small plates), “Burritos”, “Soft Shell Tacos”, “Enchiladas”, “Fajitas”, “Grill” and, of course, “Sides”.

House Nachos

We started with an order of “House Guacamole” nachos (“Pico de Gallo and Casa Quesco”; £8) which did have quite a large amount of quac containing huge pieces of avocado – Fine by us. The nachos themselves look to be made in house and there were also copious amounts of cheese. Nice.

Buffalo Chicken Burrito with Fries

My companion went for the “Crispy Buffalo Chicken” burritos (“Loco potatoes, Chorizo, Casa Quesco, Pico De Gallo, Blue Cheese Creme”; £14) which came with you choice of seasoned fries or mexi rice – She chose the fries. In a nice touch the burrito was cut in two with one half branded with the “Loco” logo on the tortilla. The chicken was good with loads of sauces but could have done with a bit more seasoning to dial up the flavours a bit more…even with the blue cheese. The accompanying coleslaw was bland . The fries were crispy, right out of the fryer with not a huge amount of seasoning (just enough).

Beef Enchiladas with Rice

I chose the “Beef Barbacoa” enchiladas (“Re-Fried Beans, Casa Quesco, Salsa Joja”; £12) which also came with a choice of fries or rice, I chose rice which was not a great choice as it was quite bland particularly with the solid flavours of the two enchiladas. The enchiladas were nicely baked in the oven with heaps of cheese and refried beans as well as loads of beef filling. It was extraordinarily filling but in a nice way…though again with no massive amounts of flavour but good and comforting.

Bar Area

The bill came to £47.80 which included a couple of soft drinks and a glass of wine but excluding any service charge (we were not even prompted to add one to the credit card machine came so ended up leaving cash on the table). The service was friendly and not at all pushy, allowing us to enjoy the food in peace.

So, generally, a bit bland but quite filling and reasonably good value but could get very expensive very quickly in a group. A reasonable selection of dishes if, perhaps, a bit clichéd (you can get more interesting choices at massive Mexican chain Wahaca). So all in all: Reasonable, not amazing.

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2022-07-29

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 25 Welsh Row, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 5ED ENGLAND

Location: Cheshire (England) - Nantwich



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Telephone: +44 (0) 1270 623888