Review of 'The Light of Other Days'

The Light of Other Days by Stephen Baxter, and Arthur C. Clarke

A truly unique story about the creation of wormhole technology that allow us to look at any point in space and time (the past). The story follows the initial development of this technology and the social impact it has as it becomes widely used by the public. There are a few sections where the exploration of the past has led to some surprising revelations (such as Jesus' life). On the human side is the story of a man and his two alienated sons, but this is simply a side story to the “WormCams”. This is definitely an “idea novel” though it does delve into the social issues arriving from the sudden lack of any real form of privacy from this technology. I found it a bit hard to digest that the technology seemed to immediately become available to so many people but the ramifications certainly seemed to have been thought out. A very good read from one of the grand master's as well as one of Britain's top SF author.

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Genre: Science Fiction

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