Review of 'Titan'

Titan by Stephen Baxter

Faced with the possibility of the space shuttles being used for “lawn ornaments” a group of dis-enfranchised astraunauts and scientists make a final grasp to space by planning a final, one-way, trip to Titan. Possible signs of life have been found there and since the shuttles are history, why not blow the bundle on a trip? Scraping together a mission from limited resources, the tale of how they got there is detailed along with what happens afterwards. Baxter mixes a great deal of politics with his so-called “hard” science fiction, perhaps a bit too much for my taste (never mind the perhaps far-fetched political scenerio). The ending is a reach specially for someone who prides himself on being scientifically accurate – but HECK it is Science Fiction! A good read, if sometimes weighed down in politics and details.

Rating: “A bit better than average”

Genre: Science Fiction

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