Review of 'Silverhair'

Silverhair by Stephen Baxter
1st book in the 'Mammoth' series

Quite a departure from Mr. Baxter's normal fare, Mammoth follows the (seemingly) never ending travels of a mammoth as it encounters humans and their, in this case, brutality. In a radical departure for the scientist, Mr Baxter chooses to have his mammoth's talk to each other which really does bring home the story of the tragedy of this last group of mammoths that are discovered what seems to be accidentally on an island. Though we never hear the words of the humans or see the story from their side we definitely know what they are doing and thinking. Though not a terribly uplifting story (in fact, depressing in most parts), this is a very good, if easy, read making me wonder if this book is intended for a younger audience (though this is not made clear).

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Genre: Science Fiction

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