Review of 'East of Ealing'

East of Ealing by Robert Rankin

east_of_ealing.jpg “East of Ealing” is the third novel in “The Brentford Trilogy” (currently consisting of ten novels). In this instalment the high-tech financial network “Lateinos and Romiith” are taking over the world with their diabolical plans to bar-code every person on the planet and have built their massive headquarters in the middle of Brentford (at a geographic stretch “East of Ealing”). This is the prophesies of the biblical Book of Revelation come to life. Brentford drinking buddies Jim Pooley and John Omally are caught up events with Jim having finally struck it lucky by placing an outstandingly and successful wager based on a “number of beast”. Sadly Jim is unable to really spend his money when an invisible barrier appears cutting Brentford off from the chaos caused by the introduction of the bar-code payment process. Meanwhile, Norman the shopkeeper has created a robotic copy of himself to help with shopkeeping, and Neville the barman has been taken captive by mysterious forces causing him to call upon a hidden power…It is up to Pooley and Omally to save the world from the coming of the beast assisted by Professor Slocombe and Sherlock Holmes (yes, THE Sherlock Holmes), but is it too late?

Another amusing novel by Robert Rankin that is full of his trademark in-jokes and bizarre plot-lines. Quite slow going in parts things do pick up towards the later half culminating in a bit of a surprise ending. It is the characters here that make the book so much fun with their quirky and very English manners. Make no mistake, this is decidedly English humour - Dry and satirical throughout - Though this also means it may be lost on those not familiar with the details of British life. It certainly does not take anything too seriously with surprisingly twists and turns aplenty to keep the reader engaged though any longer (is is 284 light pages in paperback) I think it would become too much to take.

Amusingly comic novel but perhaps only for the Brits.

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2019-10-12

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Corgi

Publication Date: 1984

ISBN: 0552138436

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