Review of 'The Brightonomicon'

The Brightonomicon by Robert Rankin

The main character of The Brightonomicon is having a bad day. Having been thrown off the end of the pier in Brighton he awakes to the ministrations of Hugo Artemis Solon Saturnicus Reginald Arthur Rune without any knowledge of his own name nor where he comes from. Mr Rune indicates that they have not met by accident and convinces the forgetful man to help Rune solve 12 mysteries – The Brightonomicon – over the course of a year.

The puns fly quick and fast as does this prose in a typical Rankin manner. Mr. Rune turns out to be a fairly interesting man with an unfortunate manner to taxi drivers and any others who would deign to charge him for services or goods (involving assault and his cane). The “mysteries” take the two adventurers to various places throughout Brighton in order to unravel them…Much of the time not much of a mystery unfolds but rather a series of strange events.

An enjoyable if disjointed book. Wittily written often the whit appears far more important than narrative (again, typical Rankin). A lot of on-going gags keeps the reader entertained throughout. Perhaps about 100 pages too long it is quite readable though I have to admit it never attracted my attention for more than a few days at a time meaning it took me several months to finish as I dipped in and out.

Rating: “A bit better than average”

Review Date: 2008-04-14

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Gollancz Fiction

Publication Date: 2005

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