Review of 'Wizard and Glass'

Wizard and Glass by Stephen King
4th book in the 'The Dark Tower' series

This forth story in the Dark Tower series sees the story picking up exactly where the previous novel (The Waste Lands) left (yes, don't even think of picking this up if you have not read the previous instalments). Roland and his fellow travellers manage to escape Blaine the train and start in earnest their journey to the Dark Tower.

The main bulk of the novel consists of Roland relating the story of the loss of his one true love - Susan Delgado - when he was a young gunslinger. Roland and his boyhood friends are sent to Susan's village to investigate some nefarious doings-ons by the locals but little do they suspect the scope of the deception. Susan herself has her own secrets and tragic destiny with her virginity paid for by a brutal man (in, to be fair, a brutally nasty society). This is basically a love story with an ultimately tragic ending (which should come as no surprise to anyone, really, though the exact nature of the tragedy, perhaps, not so much).

The origins of much of what Roland has previously hinted at is very much revealed here - We learn much of what motivates him and (likely) harkens to difficulties later in the story. It is here that King's story-telling comes to life though I did find it dragged quite a bit at parts (much like previous chapters in this series as well) with the ultimate climax seeming to take ages to eventually arrive - But it is most assuredly a breathtaking as well as terrible climax.

Ultimately an intriguing story that keeps me guessing, I will be there for the next one if only to see if Roland (et al) actually make it…and what happens when they get there.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2012-01-10

Genre: Fantasy

Publication Date: 1998

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