Review of 'The Drawing of the Three'

The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King
2nd book in the 'The Dark Tower' series

Book two of the Dark Tower series sees the story picking up where it left off with Roland, the last gunslinger, left on a beach in the world that is quite different, but not entirely, than our own. Very early in the story he suffers attack from some local sea life then an odd tale gets even odder as he encounters a door hanging in mid-air that allows him to see through the eyes of Eddie Dean (and control his body), a drugee in the middle of smuggling drugs (and getting caught) in our modern-day New York. Through some convoluted logic Eddie joins Roland in the far off land and they continue towards the Dark Tower to find another door, this one leading to the mind of Odetta Holmes, a troubled woman suffering from dual-personality (one of which wants to kill them). The third door leads to the mind of a serial killer who has a lot to do with events in the first book as well as the life of Odetta…

To be honest, I found this book easier to follow than the first and certainly a lot more exciting. Roland is still pretty much a mystery with not a lot of information provided here as to his background (despite what it might say on the back). The pace is much quicker with shorter chapters though it is a much larger book than the first. I will be reading on…

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2011-09-16

Genre: Fantasy

Publication Date: 1987

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