Review of 'Our Mutual Friend'

Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens

A story beginning with the discovery of a body in the Thames and following the implications as they effect a series of unforgetable characters: Mr. Boffin - “The Golden Dustman” (collector of valuable waste material) who inherits the fortune left behind by the unfortunate victim, Lizie Hexam the unfortunate orphan of the man who found the body who goes on to be tormented by the unwanted attentions of his brother's schoolmaster, Mr. Wegg who occupies the “Golden Dustman”'s old abode and regularly reads “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” to the venerable gentleman, Mr. and Mrs. Veneering the weathy couple whose name says it all (“veneer” as in superficial), and many others. All of the stories interweave amongst themselves to create a fascinating look at the world of Dicken's time and a cutting analysis of the corruption of power and wealth which tended to be his theme throughout his writings. The ending was very satisfying and quite suprising making the whole book come alive for me though it took some time to get into.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Genre: Classic

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