Review of 'Hard Times'

Hard Times by Charles Dickens

This is a critical review of a difficult time in english society with the beginning of the industrial revolution which would so dramatically effect the english lifestyle. The story follows two prominent families in the town of Coketown – Gradgrind and Bounderby, the former being the owner of a local factory and the latter being a local banker. Both are obsessed with “facts” and do not let trivialities such as feelings get in the way – causing a great deal of trouble with Gradgrind's children as well as with the town in general. In many ways the story is told as a farce with the innocent worker being wrongly accused, the children learning about feelings, and the father learning a bit about his children. Quite a difficult read with no characters particularly appealing (except perhaps Stephen). Interesting but not one of his best though certainly telling of the age and attempting to address some of the issues.

Rating: “Not great, but not the worse”

Genre: Classic

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