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University of Oxford


As the picture above attests, Oxford is more than worth your time though the centre of the city can be extremely busy. Parking is a nightmare so take the park and ride to get into the town for a better and more relaxed visit. Tours of the city are available from the tourism office and well worth doing to get a true understanding of the town.

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Blenheim Palace

This home of Lord Marlborough is located just outside of Woodstock north of Oxford. This palace has been described as the Versailles of England and it is easy to see why with the wonderful gardens and interiors. This was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill and a small exhibit inside the palace itself is full of memorabilia. Guided tours of the palace show off the state rooms with their magnificent gilt, tapestries, painted ceilings and historical artefacts. What makes this palace special is that it is currently in use and as such is well kept and organised. Entrance to the palace includes a (somewhat brief and not at all satisfying – where is the palace? If you can see it when on the boat let me know…) trip on a boat launch into the lake and a free tram ride to the Pleasure Gardens which should be of interest to children though only the maze and perhaps the butterfly house would interesting to adults (the maze is an extra £1 and includes the maze, mini-put putting, and access to giant-size chess and checker sets). The maze is supposedly the second largest in England but I was not impressed after having seen the mazes at Hever, Hampton Court and Leeds (castle) which were much better kept.

Blenheim Palace - The Gardens

The grounds make for a wonderful walk on a clear summer's day and even with a crowd you can find yourself a quiet corner to enjoy.

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