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Great Britain - Kent

Kent is the gateway to Europe and many people pass through on the way to catch a ferry or the channel which is a shame because there are many delightful towns and sites to see.

Notable are the views along the southern coast with the white cliffs and wonderful ocean scenery. Try driving along the coastal roads.


There are many sites to see in Kent, here are a few that I have visited:

  • Brands Hatch - Motor racing circuit with fantastic hills and corners located just south east of Swanley off of junction 3 of the M25.

Brands Hatch - Touring Cars (courtesy [[|Raymond Ko]])

Brands Hatch - Start/Finish Line (courtesy [[|Raymond Ko]])

  • Cantebury - Home of the famous cathedral the center of Cantebury is largely unchanged since medieval ages. The narrow lanes crowded many times with tourists really give a sense of history. The cathedral itself charges admission however it is well worth it for the sheer splendour of the building itself and it's imposing nature. Take a tour if one is available. The town is well worth walking around to explore (parking within the town is extremely difficult), especially along the old city walls which have a number of parks and gardens along them.

Dover Castle

  • Dover Castle - Located on the white cliffs overlooking the port town of Dover this large castle was in use all the way up to the second world war yet has history stretching back to Henry II in the 12th century. Parking is available right within the castle grounds which is suggested as it is quite a walk up the hill to the castle. There are many different exhibits available for the single entrance fee including a visit to the World War 2 bunkers which is HIGHLY recommended. A great place to wander around the ruins and admire the beautiful views.

Hever Castle

  • Hever Castle and Gardens - Located in the northern part of the county, off the main roads, this castle was the home of Anne Boleyn and is very well preserved. A small, square, castle surrounded by many acres of gardens including a small maze and a statue garden. Hever Castle Gardens Very popular with the locals, in good weather many will be found picnicking on the grounds. The castle interiors are lavishly furnished and contain a small amount of display information (for more information, purchase a guide). Note: In the summer be prepared for crowds. Tickets can be purchased for the garden and/or the garden/castle. Leeds Castle
  • Leeds Castle - One of the more famous castles of England, many people immediately recognize the picture of the castle in the middle of a lake. There are many things to see here, if not in the castle itself (which is essentially modern on the inside with very few authentic items). The grounds are extensive, containing a duck sanctuary, a vineyard, a number of gardens, a maze, a butterfly farm and greenhouses. A good day can be made walking around from experience to experience. Concerts are held periodically over the year and will often include fireworks over the castle. Note: It is about 1 and a half kilometres from one end of the grounds to the other, so be prepared to walk though a shuttle is provided to the castle from the main entrance.