England - Hampshire


Portsmouth, located on the south coast of Hampshire is a port town yet with attractions similar to Brighton, with it's own pier including rides and various fast-food areas. Parking is a bit of a problem so it is advised to either park before the pier area (to the east) and walking in or taking the train (which drops you off RIGHT in the harbour area – actually harbour, the station being located over the water itself).

The walk along the 'city walls' is interesting though little, if any, historical information is provided.

A good way to see the harbour area is by a boat tour (available from many areas including right outside the Naval museum) which can drop you at various locations including the Submarine museum across the harbour in the Gosport area. Most interesting is the tour, from the water, of the naval base which includes many old ships simply sitting and rusting.

Portsmouth - Inner Harbour Area

Great eats can be had from the Fish Market (Inner Harbour) area though this is largely tourist oriented you can still purchase fish and other sea life from fisherman (cockles in heavy cream seems to be pretty popular).

One of the main attractions in Portsmouth is the Royal Naval Museum which houses the Mary Rose (preserved in an ever-present water spray) and the HMS Victory. Well worth a visit (allow at LEAST half a day).

Portsmouth - HMS Warrior

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Winchester is a small sleepy town if it was not for the tourists. It does, thankfully, still maintain the small town mentality yet play host to many visitors to the local cathedral and the pro-ported 'Round Table' of King Arthur fame (suspended from a wall in the old town hall – a must see by itself – look at the superb workmanship in the gate at the opposite end of the hall from the table).

Winchester - The (Itchen) River Walk

A park stretches along the River Itchen which provides an interesting way of entering the city itself, winding behind the cathedral and along old lanes and by Jane Austen's house. Wonderful views of private back gardens meticulously tended.

Winchester Cathedral

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