Lantau Island

Many people may not even be aware that when they arrive in Hong Kong by plane at the Hong Kong International Airport the airport is actually located on Lantau Island.

Lantau from the Airport (SW)

Tai O

Tai O

Tai O is a small fishing village located on the far west of the island which is well worth a visit. There are no vehicles in the village itself and it is very interesting to walk through the stalls along the small river and cross across the river to the homes on the other side. To get to the village, take a taxi from Po Lin.

Po Lin Monastery

Big Buddha

The famous home of the “Big Buddha” at the top of a mountain on the island the Po Lin Monastery is home to a number of vegetarian monks (the entrance fee to the Buddha typically includes a vegetarian meals – though Hong Kong people might want to skip the meal it is very good).

Visiting Po Lin

Po Lin is reachable by bus from the ferry port at Cheung Sha on the south side of the island (or by the cable car, see below).

Cable Car

A new attraction, the Ngong Ping Cable Car leaves from MTRLOGO Tung Chung station to Ngong Ping (very close to the Pol Lin Monastery, above). A very good way to see the forests on the island and visit a very interesting area…