View of Aberdeen from the Peak

Aberdeen is an area on Hong Kong Island to the south-west of The Peak.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is an amusement park located near Aberdeen. Entering at sea level you pass through the “Middle Kingdom” area of the park then up the world's longest escalator to the top of a mountain ridge on which most of the park resides (with the aquarium right in front of you). Passing along the ridge past a number of rides you eventually arrive at the chair lift which will take you to the gardens at the furthest reaches of the park (at sea level again, very close to Repulse Bay).

Ocean Park

Jumbo Restaurant

Waiting for the Ferry

Jumbo Kingdom is a rather expensive floating restaurant in the middle of Aberdeen harbour. It is hard to miss as it's garish lights can be seen for miles. The easiest way to visit is to take a taxi to the car park (the restaurant pays any taxi fares) then take the free ferry to the restaurant.

Fish Tanks

Located at the back of the restaurant, the fish tanks near the kitchens are worth a visit to see what delicacies are on offer (and, if you like, you can purchase them for use at home).

The Restaurant

The restaurant is split into multiple areas that offer their own menus (the “Dragon Court” and the main “Jumbo” areas).

View from the Ferry Pier

Do not expect a “normal” menu and also expect to pay about $1,500 per person (if you do not eat too much). The menu is sprinkled with “birds nest”, “abalone”, “sharks fin” and “harsma” . This is a place for a special occasion.