State Street

Chicago Journal

Another summer and another trip to the World Science Fiction Convention. Ever since I attended the convention when it visited my home town of Winnipeg in Canada I have made it to all the conventions. It is also a great excuse to see places I have never seen before purely, as far as I am concerned, at random. The only bad thing is that the convention tends to be held in the US most years which is to be understood since it originated there and there seems to be the most concentration of Science Fiction fans there.

This year the convention is to be held in Chicago. Not exactly a place that I would list as somewhere I wanted to visit in the US but I would think it has more culture and things to do than perhaps other places. The only things I know about Chicago are from friends that have visited and what I have learned from documentaries and books. Not much, really. Good pizza I hear.

I look forward to these summer trips, they give me some time to do my own thing and have a bit of fun. Mind you, my idea of fun is not a normal person's idea of fun - keep your dirty mind to yourself! I tend to run around a lot. I don't know if I will ever learn to take it easy on a holiday – never really done it.

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