Lake Louise

The town of Lake Louise is extremely small and most people pass right through it to go to the main business in the town: The hotel. That is, the Château Lake Louise which is located up a small road winding through the mountains about five miles past the town (see CP Hotels for further information on the Château).

Chateau Lake Louise from the Lake

The hotel offers a variety of services including a buffet breakfast and a number of small restaurants. It is decorated in the manner of an French/Swiss château with a large amount of wood and opulent carpets.

A View of the Lake from the Hotel

Château Lake Louise is operated by Canadian Pacific and offers extremely high class accommodation. Around the lake there are many miles of paths to be explored, one of which goes up the glacier found at the end of the Lake.

The Lake Louise Glacier - Up Close

Interspersed on the walks are two tea huts that can be visited and are a welcome relief after a long walk through the snow and/or up hills.

The Furthest Tea Hut (in the trees to the left; the Château is on the far side of the lake)

The Furthest Tea Hut (in winter; the Lake Louise Ski Resort can be seen in the distance)

The 'HIGH' Tea Hut Located Directly Above the Hotel


There is one ski area in the area, that is, Lake Louise. This resort tends to be extremely popular though not as big as Sunshine Village (see Banff). This resort is spread out over three mountain faces with a variety of runs of different ski levels. The back faces tend to be less busy with smaller lift queues and much more scenic runs.

Equipment can be rented at the slope (rent in the town if you want to save a bit of money). There are passes available that allow skiing in all three of the region ski areas (the above plus Norquay and Sunshine Village) at relatively modest prices (the one I recently obtained was good for three days and included one night of skiing at Norquay).