Sark is a small island just a short distance from Guernsey in the English Channel. Interestingly, it is a “royal fief” as the island is owned by one person with anyone living there paying rent to him. Cars are banned here so bicycles are the way to get around.

There is only one town at the top of the road leading down to the ferry. It has a post office, several shops and places to eat as well as bicycle rental shops.

We loved it when we visited and would be interested in staying at one of the few B&Bs on the island. It is a very peaceful place.

How to Get There

The best way to get to Sark is to catch a ferry from St Peter Port in Guernsey. Ferries run regularly every hour or so throughout the day. Make sure you do not miss the ride back…As the island is basically a tall rock in the middle of the ocean the ferry arrives at a rocky pier at the bottom meaning you have to climb up to the top along a very steep track unless you catch a seat on the “toast rack” - a trailer towed by a team of horses up the hill which charges a small fee. It is recommended you use this as the walk can be quite difficult.

Getting Around

Without any cars, the only way of really getting around on your own is probably by bicycle and there are several places to rent from in the town. The distances are a bit big to walk particularly if you are only visiting for a day. If you want a tour check out the horse carts at the top of the road from the ferry where they are waiting generally after each ferry arrives.

What to See and Do

Most of what people do on Sark is just wander around and enjoy the pretty scenery though the amazing causeway at “La Coupée” is probably the most photographed area of the island - A horse track across a narrow concrete bridge with sheer drops on either side down to the ocean below.

 The Causeway

Further Information

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