Weald & Downland Living Museum

Market Square

Weald & Download Living Museum is a huge 40-acre site containing more than 50 examples of historic buildings from medieval times to the early 20th century all painstakingly restored on the site. All of the buildings have a plaque outside of them showing where it originally came from, when it was dismantled and when it was re-erected offering an amazing insight into the work the museum does. It is run as a charity and largely staffed by volunteers and there are regular demonstrations of traditional crafts on site with the museum offering an extensive array of courses.


Interior of the Mill

The interiors of the buildings are generally modestly decorated but when they are it is in keeping with the period. Many buildings house displays about some aspect of historic life such as farming or cooking.

Schoolhouse Interior

Many buildings also have gardens growing traditional plants using traditional methods.

Rural Homes with South Downs in Distance

The museum is located only a short distance from the Goodwood Estate in the spectacular south downs and is really only possible to reach by car (though local buses are available). There is a relatively modest entrance fee. There are very good visitor's facilities on site including cafeteria and, of course, gift shop located on the mill pond near the main entrance.

Looking Over the South Downs

When we visited it was lucky that the “Working Animal Show” was on at the same time (the entrance charge for both was the same as the fee for the museum) which was small but offered various animal displays as well as a good selection of food stalls and craft exhibits.

Working Animal Show 2018

The museum offers a lot to take in and it is recommended that a full day be devoted to it if you want to see it all. The grounds are a bit hilly so it is a bit of a trek…



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