Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection

Located across the street from Euston Station, The “Wellcome Collection” is owned and operated by the pharmaceutical group “The Wellcome Trust” and has various exhibits, a reading room, library and a café. Access to all is free including free storage lockers (handy if you are visiting while travelling to/from Euston), and Wi-Fi. Though not massive, it is a pleasant, relaxed place to visit for a few hours with interesting things to see.

Entrance Hall



Medicine Man Exhibit

Exhibits are all on the 1st floor with the permanent “Medicine Man” exhibit featuring pieces from the Wellcome's founder “Sir Henry Wellcome's vast medical collection. Other exhibits change regularly mostly concentrating on subjects of medical interest but also science in general.

Being Human Exhibit

Being Human Item

Reading Room

Reading Room

On the 2nd floor is the magnificent and cosy “Reading Room” which has a number of places to lounge including on beanbag chairs scattered on the staircase leading to the bookcases above.

Further Information

For further information, please see https://wellcomecollection.org/.