Postal Museum

Yeah, I am a bit of a stamp geek having a bit of a collection myself but this museum is likely to appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in the postal system. Not too big to bore and an exciting authentic ride to boot! Really worth visiting despite being in Holborn, a bit away from transport (nearest tube is Farringdon, Chancery Lane or even Kings Cross) and other major attractions in London.

The Museum

The museum is across the street from the Mount Pleasant Mail Centre (and “Mail Rail”, see below). There is quite a good cafeteria and gift shop at the entrance.

The museum itself tells the story of the “post” from it's origins as a royal delivery service to the modern system operated today. There are lots of activities for children but enough other information to keep older visitors amused as well (though they may want to give the activities a try as well). Lots of historical artefacts. Very interesting.

A small room at the end of the museum houses temporary exhibitions.

Mail Rail

The Train

Located across the street in the historic Mount Pleasant Mail Centre, largest mail centre in the UK, a (timed) ticket to Mail Rail gives you entrance to the main museum itself. The “Mail Rail” was used to transport mail beneath the streets of London up until only recently which you can now ride.

The carriages, it has to be said, are quite small but actually quite comfortable. The experience only lasts a few minutes as they take you a short distance down the track stopping at a few platforms for very well down audio/visual displays that give you a great sense of what the system must have been like.

After the ride there is quite a good display of other aspects of the rail system including information about it's history and many artefacts (the pneumatic tube information is really interesting).

Additional Information

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