WWT London Wetland Centre

Located just south of the Thames in Barnes, West London, the London Wetland Centre is a haven of wildlife in the city. Excellent visitor's facilities and lots to see it will be interesting for anyone though is quite popular with younger families (and children).

Getting here is a bit tricky but there is a large (free to visitors) car park, bicycle racks, entrance walking trails and public buses to the main entrance (bus 485 operating less frequently, otherwise there is frequent bus service from the nearby “Red Lion” bus stop on the A306).


Entrance is quite expensive but also included are expert talks throughout the day on various topics and in various parts of the park.


The entrance to the park is on the south west side with a large gift shop, a small snack kiosk and a larger café to the right.

Wetlands of the World

A number of themed sections on the west of the park are immediately accessible in “Wetlands of the World”. Separate enclosures contain birds from various parts of the planet with several hides allowing views of the “Main Lake” that is, effectively, wild.

Bird Watching


Further to the north is “Wildside” which has a path and hide but little else (and is the best place to see wildlife).


South Route

Bat House

On the south side of the lake there are a number of child-friendly exhibits as well as several hides. There is a lot to see here so is well worth a meander from the hard-to-spot “Sand Martin Nest Bank” (best view is from the “Wader scrape hide” where you can spot it to the far left) and the “Peacock Tower” offering the best views of the site.

Peacock Tower

Further Information

For further information please see https://www.wwt.org.uk/wetland-centres/london/.