My London - Millennium Attractions

The millennium saw a number of attractions in the city for the year:

The London Eye

  • London Eye (TUBE Embankment or Westminster) - Offering tremendous views of the city, this is definitely one of the best Millennium attractions. Waiting times can be quite significant during rush periods (weekends). Trip time is 1/2 hour. This is the highest Ferris wheel in the world (despite what they might say in Paris). Tickets are available at the site (beside the London Aquarium on the “South Bank” of the Thames), prices are reasonable (about 7 pounds).

The Millenium Dome

  • Millennium Dome (TUBE North Greenwich on the new extension to the Jubilee Line) - Despite being widely criticized for wasting of tax-payer's money (and other things) this is a surprisingly good series of exhibits under a giant tent (dome). A lot like a World Expo(sition), the dome consists of a series of “zones” (such as “Life”, “Body”, “Spirit”, “Play”, etc) containing pretty basic information and activities, surrounding a large central area which plays host to the “Millennium Show” (an acrobatic show taking place far above the dome floor). The entrance fee is quite steep but you will NOT be able to see the whole dome in a day. Tickets available on the web or at the door (or at any lottery dealer in England). Do NOT miss the movie “Blackadder Back and Forth” (a must for any fan of English comedy and/or Blackadder).

Inside the Millennium Dome (The Body Zone) The Millennium Dome Show (Photo Courtesy Shirley Watkinson)

  • String of Pearls Festival (Various locations) - Offering access to various buildings and exhibits not normally open to the public as well as various festivals. Check out the web site for up-to-date information.

Note: TUBE Indicates closest London Underground station, see London Transport for further information.