The Magic Circle

The Door

The Magic Circle is an organisation “…dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of magic…” and has it's headquarter's in London. This is the premier organisation for magic in the world with most famous magicians belonging (though their membership is secret).

You can visit the Magic Circle headquarters (see below for details) which is in a building that contains a private library, a small museum, several “cabaret” style drinking/entertainment areas, as well as a small theatre on the 2nd floor.

The Amazing Staircase

The Building

The ground floor and the first floor are lounge areas featuring a reasonably priced, though modest, bar along with memorabilia displayed on the walls and in display cases.

Bar Ground Floor

There are magic artefacts throughout the building that tell the story of one of the world's oldest artistic professions.


The small museum in a small room in the basement has a number of interesting displays as well as a collection of magician posters as well as artefacts from many magicians over the years.


The theatre is on the top show with a small performance stage with seating in front and on a small balcony.

Getting There

The nearest transport is TUBE Euston Square or NRLOGO Euston. See the web site for events and opening times (you can also book the venue for private events). They do often hold evenings where you can visit the museum, experience some close up magic in the lounges then finish the evening with a small show in their theatre, booking is essential.