Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace TV Mast

Located in south west London (NRLOGO Crystal Palace; DLRLOGO Crystal Palace), Crystal Palace Park was created to house the giant “Crystal Palace” originally situated in Hyde Park for the 1851 Great Exhibition. The palace itself was destroyed by fire in 1936 but the park still contains a lot of Victorian history. The park is easily spotted from most areas in London by the tall television mast on the top of a hill on the north side of the park.

Crystal Palace Train Station

There are maps and signposts throughout the park along with an “historic trail” around the small(ish) site.




One of the most iconic sights in the park are the dinosaur sculptures that were first displayed in 1954 to show the public the latest scientific information about these extinct animals. The figures are now laughably out of date but offer a glimpse into the past and how science moves on. The statues are now in a bit of a bad state but recent funding has provided hope they will be restored and returned to their former splender.


The dinosaurs are located in the south side of the park with the sculptures on islands in several small ponds. A trail takes you around the site with plaques containing information about the statues.


More Dinosaurs



The small museum is located on the west side of the park. It is opened to the public on Sundays (except during Covid crises).

The "Rusty Laptop"

Rusty Laptop

This permanent concert venue on the east side of the park was first opened in 1997 but has seen better days with the wood stage now unsafe for regular use. It is in a beautiful setting in a gently sloped green space surrounded by trees and a small lake in front of the stage. Looks absolutely incredible and it would be nice to see this restored.

Crystal Palace



The “Italian Terraces” in the northern end of the park just below the television tower are all that remains of the Crystal Palace and truly give you an idea of the size of the palace. Featuring four rather odd looking pink sphinxes the upper terraces offer great views of southern London.



Sports Center

In the middle of the park is a large sports center and stadium with indoor swimming, basketball and other sports.



The park always seems to be busy and it does play host to events throughout the year including the Crystal Palace Park Market every Sunday.