Tenerife is a small Spanish island in the Canaries off the west coast of Africa. The south and west coasts are generally full of large tourist resorts while the north is generally a lot less populated (you can guess which I prefer).

The island is dominated by Teide mountain which occupies much of the interior meaning scenery is generally spectacular throughout the mountainous areas.


Just driving around the island is amazing with so many small villages and fantastic vantage points. But if you are looking for some ideas, look no further…You will note that I do not include any of the tourist attractions here (such as zoos and the like) but things we found particularly interesting.

Santa Cruz (de Tenerife)

Santa Cruz is the capital of Tenerife located on the western end of the south coast but, surprisingly, has little in terms of tourist attractions. Even the beach is a 15 minute drive to the north. Parking can be tricky but we found it to be free if you parked in a shopping centre car park. The arts centre on the water is amazing…

Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín

Certainly worth a visit is the small, mostly tourist, market in the middle of town (Municipal Market Our Lady of Africa La Recova).

Municipal Market Our Lady of Africa La Recova


A small town at the top of a mountain accessed by narrow and extremely windy roads. You can walk around the town on a number of steep cobbled roads/paths and take in the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

Los Gigantes

The Town

Though mostly a resort town you come here for whale watching trips that also take in the magnificent seaside cliffs.



Punta de Teno

Accessed by a spectacular single-track road along (and through) the sides of the mountains, this site offers great views of Los Gigantes to the south as well as the amazing cliffs. There is a lighthouse here and a small car park though access is often restricted requiring you to catch a bus into the site.


A bit touristy in the town but it features a wonderful church, and central square but the main reason people visit Garachico for the swimming amongst the rocks of the seaside which is spectacular.

Garachico is found on the north coast. Parking is free on the streets but can be scarce if busy.

Getting Around

There are a number of large motorways between major tourist areas but going from the south to the north on the west side requires that you travel on very narrow and winding roads. Travel is generally by car though taxis are available as well as buses in Santa Cruz.



Additional Information

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When we were on Tenerife we stayed at MELIÁ HACIENDA DEL CONDE on the north-west corner of the island (a distance away from any other resorts) which is an adults-only resort located beside a golf course. Though it does not have a beach (the beaches on this side of the island are all quite rocky) it does have several very nice swimming pools…food is very good as well though can be a bit samey…Though the “Salazar” on-site restaurant is very nice indeed if a bit over-priced (when staying on half-board this is an extra cost).