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Main Entrance

The “Peterhof” (Петергоф; official web site is a palace and gardens located 40 km west of the centre of St. Petersburg on the banks of the Gulf of Finland.



The Sampson Fountain

The Sampson Fountain and The Great Cascade

It the spectacular 150 fountains that Peterhof is famous for. These are operated completely by gravity and are set in magnificent gardens between the palace and gulf. The biggest fountain is “The Sampson Fountain” at the back of the palace with a huge cascade, fountain and the straight, narrow “Samsonovsky Channel” leading away to the waters of the gulf in the distance. Along the railings at the palace level is the best spot to see the fountains being turned on.

Little First Trick Fountain

Be sure to walk down to the water to see the palace from there and also to try out the “trick fountains” located throughout the park (though it is a good idea not to mind getting wet).

The Chessboard Hill Cascade

Take some time to just walk around and enjoy the grounds as they are absolutely wonderful with some incredible views. A number of the fountains are hidden away and well worth seeking out.


The Fountain of the Orangery Garden

View Looking Back to Palace



Getting to Peterhof can be tricky but there are various options from St. Petersburg including hydrofoil and bus (see for details). There are separate fees depending on whether you wish to enter the palace or gardens. At the entrance there is a security check and ticket gates. There are maps throughout the site but be sure to grab a paper one (which has both Russian and English) so you don't get lost. There is no re-admittance for ticket-holders after exiting the grounds.


It is highly recommended you arrive early to see the fountains turned on at 11:00 am as this is done to the music of the national anthem and is quite spectacular.

The Church Pavilion Museum

Note that there are dining facilities in Peterhof.