Venice Journal 2017

I have travelled many places in my life but only one place has really ever caught my imagination: Venice. The man-made floating city in Italy that perpetually strives to hold back the water while preserving the art and beauty of the city itself. There is something magical about a place where the only viable form of transportation is either a boat or walking. No where else in the world is Venice.

I had fully intended that our honeymoon was to be in Venice but we ended up in Marrakesh instead which is probably for the best because at that time of year it was probably slightly warmer in Marrakesh. Mind you, with our visit now to Venice it was not exactly balmy. I had intended to travel to Venice by the Orient-Express and this is still a dream of mine that has yet to come true. However, when I received an email offer from one of the many travel groups I subscribe to offering a very reasonably priced trip to Venice (sadly, by plane) my wife and I, while waiting for a show at the BBC in London (as you do), decided to go for it and I booked the tickets right then and there. It was only now, some six months later that we finally found ourselves underway.

Day 1