Ring of Kerry

North Coast

The “Ring of Kerry” is a well known scenic tourist travel route around the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry. It is known for stunning scenery and a number of amazing diversions with some often challenging driving.

Cliff View (South of Kerry Cliffs)


South Coast

The route consists of following the N70 around the peninsula then the N71 between Glanerought and Killarney with some arguing this is the most picturesque parts of the route with the most challenging driving.

It is recommended to take the trip COUNTERCLOCKWISE to better appreciate the views. The route is well sign-posted (look for the tourism “Ring of Kerry” signs).


There are a number of roads and attractions along the Ring of Kerry but it is worthwhile straying off the main road to take in some of the amazing scenery.

Gap of Dunloe

End of the Road

Located on a small road south off the N72 just west of Killarney, the Gap of Dunloe is truly spectacular but is limited to horse carts (which you can rent where the road ends at “Kate Kearneys Cottage”) or you can walk. There are large signs warning of the small and protected nature of the road so best to avoid driving.

Horse Stop View Towards the Gap

Valentia Island

Valentia Island Bridge

This small island on the west of the ring can be accessed by ferry from Reenard Point (near Garranearagh on the N70) which takes you to Knight's Town, the only town of any size on the island, or, you can take the (free) bridge across from Portmagee. The island is quite hilly with spectacular views throughout as well as many walking trails. Anoraks will find Eighth Wonder - Transatlantic Cable Station of interest in Knight's Town while general tourists may be entertained at The Skellig Experience Visitor Centre which has a shop and offers tours of the area. Others will simply just enjoy travelling around and taking in the stunning scenery.

Portmagee from Bray Head Puffin Island from Bray Head

Kerry Cliffs

Mother and Steve

Some would argue the Kerry Cliffs are more spectacular than the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, they are certainly less visited and you can also get a LOT closer to the cliffs than you can at Moher. Located a short distance south of Valentia Island on the westernmost tip of the Iveragh Peninsula, on the R565. The site is privately owned with inexpensive tickets purchased from a kiosk in a small car park nearby. A small gravel path takes you to the cliffs themselves where you can walk along the edge (with railings) including along a small promontory that allows you to really get a sense of the size and take in the cliffs that surround you. Looking out you can take in the sight of Puffin Island which is accessible via boat trips from the nearby town of Portmagee.

Looking Down Towards Valentia Island

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