Thursday, April 24th, 1997 - Kowloon, Hong Kong

Another very full day here in Hong Kong. We finally had the opportunity to see the Science Museum today which was very interesting.

The museum did not open until fairly late so we had the opportunity to have lunch (Dim Sum) and pick up some postcards. It was good that I also had the chance to pick up some stamps and coins from a money changer. A number of people from Winnipeg and my grandmother all requested some of these from here since 1997 is the last year under colonial rule. Mike made fun of my buying them, as did Raymond, especially due to the prices I paid. However, I like to collect this type of thing as do the people I have them for. It is worth it to me. Perhaps I was taking them too seriously.

It was great to walk around in the museum and use each of the exhibits. We learned a fair amount, spending about 6 1/2 hours there.

After this we walked up Natham Road (which runs right down through Tsim Sha Tsui) to look for supper, it was already about 8:30 at night. We found another big arcade which we browsed through for a few minutes, it is quite a site. Many of the games are very expensive and the sheer quantity and quality is unlike anything we have seen in North America. Of course, this is due to our extreme closeness to Japan where many of these games come from as well as the vast amount of money here.

A bit later we found a Japanese noodle shop which was very good. I had a dish that had eel in it, which tasted much like fish. Unfortunately, Mike and I had a bit of a disagreement about eating. He said it was very bad to be eating just before going to bed and that we have not been eating correctly or as often as he would be more comfortable. I said to him that if he wanted to eat he should have said so, to which he responded that he had but when I said that I was not hungry he did not press the issue. He is used to eating three meals a day, I am used to two, or perhaps even one, in most cases. I also indicated to him that during holidays like this I tend to get very involved in what I am doing and neglect certain things like eating until later, pointing out that I always have dinner. Anyway, in my opinion it is his problem, not mine. The reason I mention this is I know that we need to resolve this issue quickly as any bad feelings will make the trip become intolerant for both of us. It is unfortunate, but these things come up occasionally. As I indicated, I hope this is resolved quickly.

The city is wonderful at night, so many lights. It is really interesting to see the signs across the streets lit up with the shops below and the rather ragged apartments above them both. Streets after streets of this sort of thing makes for interesting viewing and browsing. Many of the side streets have street vendors selling goods as well as corner stores of either small two or three table restaurants or people cooking small dishes right on the sidewalk, at all times of the day. For all of this, it is suprising at the amount of garbage on the street: very little. True, there are interesting smells and sights, but they are not overwhelming. I am seen similar sights in Toronto and Las Angeles, true, on a smaller scale.

Tomorrow we have arranged to meet with Haley to go to Lantau island to see the monestary, fishing village and small beach. It will be a lot easier than us taking the tour (it is also expensive), or going ourselves. She knows the language and the area.

I took a few minutes tonight to write up some postcards, a few people requested them. It is too bad I do not have some more addresses of people I would like to send cards too. I also had a chance to help out Raymond by fixing his friend's computer for him. I am hoping we can do a few things for him, he has been so generous for sharing his apartment with us. The information about the city he has provided has also been invaluable, so much is simply not available from anyone but someone who lives here.

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