Tuesday, August 29th

London to Singapore

It was an early start today and a lot of travel. When travelling east you lose a lot of hours and today we lost the entire day. We were up at 4:15 (am) to catch the tube to Heathrow terminal two. Having been refurbished in recent years terminal two is a pleasure to use with large open spaces and a good choice of dining and shopping options after security.

As always, we were incredibly early for our flight as we were 6:30 through security for a 8:25 boarding time. It is obviously better to be early than late and means a lot less stress. In my head I had been thinking about not having any local currency for Thailand - despite having read I could exchange our currency on arrival at Bangkok airport - so I relented and bought some from Travelex. We then looked around to see what the options were for breakfast. After some investigation we decided on our favourite place here: The Perfectionist Café (see my review at Review of 'The Perfectionists' Cafe') where we settled down for something light to eat. My “Eggs Benedict” (£9) were amazing with incredibly fresh eggs and delicious, slightly acidic, hollandaise, as was, my favourite, a very spicy “Virgin Mary” (£6). Mel had “Poached Eggs & Bacon” (£8.75) which was very good as well. Though it might not sound cheap it is actually about the same price as the other restaurants (and pub) were charging but I think the quality here is so much better. Had a nice chat with the waiter too who was suffering after a late night/early morning party for one of his fellow employees.

We headed over to the gate after only a token visit to the local shops with Mel pausing only to pick up some sunglasses from John Lewis. The flight was slightly delayed which caused me a bit of tension knowing that we only had an hour and forty minutes between flights in Singapore.

With two adjacent seats against the window on the right side of the plane we attempted to relax for the slightly less than 13 hour flight. I always take these opportunities to catch up on films that I have been intending to see over the past year and thankfully the entertainment system was very good and offered a lot of options. The food on the flight was also very good, with dinner, snack and breakfast (all of which we chose the Asian option, such as a noodle stir fry for our breakfast).

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