It is now January 1st, 2018. It has taken me almost four months to complete this journal. I have had a hard time writing it not only in getting the details right but also in trying to convey to you, the reader, what it actually was like. It was an incredible journey. We were surprised at how much we liked Bangkok and in generally getting around in terms of language and whatnot was a lot simpler than we would have expected. We are not sure we would want to return to Cambodia but certainly Thailand and Vietnam are both on our lists.

We have kept in touch with the people from our tour with many of them now “friends” on Facebook. Here’s hoping I have not said anything here that they find in any way personally offensive or objectionable (these are a talkative bunch so no doubt they would tell me). They are really nice people and I hope we see them again sometime in the future, perhaps on our next trip to OZ.

The trip to the killing fields was the most emotionally draining of the trip but we are so grateful for having learned more about this atrocity for which we were previously very ignorant. It is something that we cannot, and should not, forget.

I hope you have enjoyed the journal and found it interesting. All the best.

P.S. Still no sign of the gecko…

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