Review of 'Yamamori - South City'

Strolling through the Temple Bar area on a Wednesday evening, browsing menus, we settled on “Yamamori” with it's interesting Japanese menu and buzz-y interior…but not too buzz-y. The cool, dark interior features bare wooden tables crammed in fairly close to one another with the walls decorated with simple Japanese prints. We were shown to a table near the middle of the large (double) room with a clear, and rather distracting, view of the wall on which an old black & white Japanese film was being projected (with no audio, thankfully).


The large (dinner) menu features a lot of options and, helpfully, descriptions throughout with “Sushi & Sashimi”, “Norimaki”, “Japas” (Japanese “tapas”, basically, small dishes like Edamame beans and tempura), “House Specials”, “From the Grill”, “Wok Fried Noodles”, “Ramen” and “Extras” along with several “platter” specials for the sushi. The prices were quite steep but, of course, is it worth it? Well, for us we chose to go with the two daily “bento” specials written on a blackboard, both of which included a bowl of rice (your choice - white or black) and (very nice) miso soup.

Vegetable Bento

My companion chose the “Vegetable Bento” (€19.45) which featured, when we visited, 3 pieces of “Cream Cheese Cucumber Norimaki”, “Baked Pumpkin Slices”, “Sweet Potato Croquette”, and “Chick Pea Salad”. She found the portion size absolutely huge and, despite agreeing to black rice in her norimaki, did not enjoy this. She was unable to finish.

Regular Bento

I had the “Regular Bento” (€21.95) which featured 3 pieces of “(Salmon) Norimaki”, “Teppan (grilled) Cod”, “Beef Burger”, and “Lemon Sole Kara-age”. The beef burger was odd, served simply with a salad of greens, but tasty while the highlight was the Lemon Sole - perfectly cooked and crispy though quite floury tasting batter. The sushi was alright but I would be unlikely to order the black rice version again. A good sized cod piece with quite a heavy teriyaki sauce on the (soggy) skin. Portion sizes were very large making it well worth the fairly expensive price.

Interior - Film

When asking for tea we were asked whether we wanted the large portion and made the mistake of saying yes (€3.95) and were brought a pot that could easily have served four people…We never even finished the single pot!

The bill came to a reasonable €45.35 without service.

Would be interested in coming back to try some of the sushi which we saw on other tables which looked quite good with, again, good sized portions. Yeah, a bit pricy, but food was prepared well and the efficient service was very friendly.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2019-08-14

Cuisine: Japanese

Address: 72 South Great Georges Street Dublin.2. Ireland

Location: Dublin (Ireland) - Temple Bar



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Telephone: +353 1 475 5001