Review of 'Gallaghers Boxty House'

The last few times I have been in Dublin I have passed by the “Boxty” restaurant in Temple Bar and been intrigued. “Boxty” is a traditional (northern) Irish potato pancake and the menu at “Boxty” is focused very much on simple, traditional Irish dishes using local ingredients that of course also includes Irish stews. Yeah, sure, it is in the middle of “tourism central” but don't let that put you off.


The relaxed though cramped interior is clean and modern with a pleasant vibe featuring two seating areas and a small bar. We visited on a Monday for a late lunch and the place was jammed. We did have to wait a few minutes on the small bench at the front door (festooned with stickers from various food guides) before a table was available for us.

We chose from the lunch menu and I had to try their potato pancake so I had the “Corned Beef Boxty” (€11) and my companion had the “Vegetable Stew” (€9). As it was busy it took a while to order but the food arrived after a short wait piping hot to the table by our pleasant waiter.

Lunch Vegetable Stew

The vegetable stew was delicious without a dominant tomato flavour that often features here. The stew was served with a slice of (Irish) soda bread and butter. A perfect lunch dish.

Corned Beef Boxty

The “Corned Beef Boxty” was a revelation covered as it was in a creamy leak and corned beef sauce. The boxty itself was quite a light texture with the common potato pancake flavour. Absolutely delicious.

Portion sizes were great for a lunch meal. We had two house lemonades (€3) that I found Ok but not great with a slightly “off” taste. Every table has a small box advertising their “boxty” pancake mix (yeah, I got two at €3 each as I have never had too much luck with making potato pancakes – maybe this would help and if I can do anywhere as well as “Boxty” I will be happy).

A great place for a quick, filling, inexpensive, Irish meal in the heart of Dublin though best to either visit when it is not busy (no idea when that might be) or be prepared to wait a bit for (friendly) service. Well worth a visit.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2019-08-19

Cuisine: Irish

Address: 20-21 Temple Bar Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland

Location: Dublin (Ireland) - Temple Bar



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Telephone: +353 1 677 2762