Review of 'The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn'

the_adventures_of_tintin_the_secret_of_the_unicorn.jpg This is the long-awaited screen adaptation of the famous comic-book character Tintin by Hergé by the team of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. It lives up to the promise of the hype, that is for sure…

Tintin is a reporter who purchases a model of the Unicorn - A tall ship from the 18th century. Tintin finds a secret message in the model pointing to a lost treasure of the Haddock family who were captain of the original ship when it sank with a massive treasure on board. Though a series of adventures Tintin befriends the current Captain Haddock on his ship as they search out the clues that will lead them to the treasure. The chase takes them to Morocco where their competition is seeking out the final clue…

The animation here is truly incredible - unbelievable. It is so realistic that it is often you have to force yourself to realise it is not real (particularly the facial features). Often those times come with the frequent, comic, action scenes that are completely over the top, destroying any illusions you may have had of reality in the process. Don't get me wrong - They are also amazing, just, not believable. One case in point: The “sword fight” using the boons of two loading cranes. Another: A pirate ship rocking above the deck of another ship in it's rigging. The facial expressions and body movements of the characters are very convincing which is not surprising considering these were both accomplished using motion capture methods.

I must say that although it is aimed at teenagers it is often quite violent (though no blood, of course, nor any swearing). The story is enjoyable and fast-paced but, perhaps, a bit predictable at points. A lot of good fun that keeps the viewer guessing as to where the story is going to turn next…The ending, of course, does wonder about sequels. Here's hoping.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2011-11-02

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Year: 2011

Length: 107 minutes

Genre: Animation

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