Review of 'Sea of Silver Light'

Sea of Silver Light by Tad Williams
4th book in the 'Otherland' series

This final chapter in the Otherland saga is full of suprises and resolves many of the mysteries of the previous novels. Renie and !Xabbu are separated and reunited while Olga follows the voices in her head as she infiltrates the offices of the “J Corporation” in search of answers. Mr. Sellars plays a far more active role in his Otherland intervention while Dread continues his ruthless destruction of the Otherland system. In addition, we learn far more about Paul Jonas and the tragedy of his life. All of these story elements are woven between the continuing wanderings of Renie and her various associates through Otherland – An Otherland increasingly prone to failure and inconsistencies as Dread reaks his horrible revenge. This rather lengthy (you thought the other volumes were big!) novel culminates in a coming together of the major storylines and finishes in a satisfactory (if somewhat confusing) conclusion. Well written and entralling read – A worthy finale to the Otherland saga. Unfortunate to see it end…Reading the rather (necessarily) long synopsis of the preceeding volumes at the beginning of this makes the reader appreciate the intricacy of the story that has evolved in these four novels.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Genre: Science Fiction

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