Review of 'Mountain of Black Glass'

Mountain of Black Glass by Tad Williams
3rd book in the 'Otherland' series

This volume continues following the adventures of Renie, Orlando, Paul Jonas and others as they make their way through Otherland. Renie and !Xabbu seem to finally realise they are meant for each other while Christabels adventures seem to only be just beginning as her father meets the mysterious man living on the army base. As we are guided through various parts of the Otherland complex we learn a lot about the world and the people that built it including their desire for imortality. To the suprise of all the minion Dread has determined he wants to bring this world to his knees and begins his domination. Once again Williams brings his significant characterisation and visualisation skills to the fore bringing this world to life. The “house world” is particularly striking with it's numerous rooms and peoples. The ending of the novel very appropirately leads into the novel to follow which is the conclusion of this series. I will keep on reading…

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Genre: Science Fiction

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