Review of 'The Blood Red Game'

The Blood Red Game by Michael Moorcock

I have never really been a big fan of Moorcock's 60s/70s hippy-Science Fiction with it's rather unusual themes and characters though one can certainly admit that it is original. In The Blood Red Game we meet two characters: Remark, an unusual “human” who has this overwhelming desire to find out what is really happening in his endangered universe and an assistant to his travels - Asquiol of Pompeii. In their search they enter the “Shifter” system that travels between dimensions and meet the “Originators” who have set the whole system in motion (and, it seems, had something to do with the creation of humans). Asquiol is left leading the ships containing humanity into a universe where their fate is to be decided in “The Blood Red Game” – a game of psychological energy battles. Hum. Quite an unusual plot then but, seemingly, typical of Moorcocks rather quirky outlook. It is an interesting and easy ready, well paced and well written as well. Just, a bit, unusual.

Rating: “Average, but who wants to be average?”

Genre: Science Fiction

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